ExpiredVype ePod Starter Kit – £9.99 At TECC

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The Vype ePod kit offers an all in one solution for vapers who want to keep things simple. With a durable metal construction, automatically activated 350mAh battery and easy to use pre-filled nic salt pods, the ePod is ideal for both new and existing vapers. In addition, its compact size allows the Vype ePod to be transported around with ease, providing a lightweight and discreet option.

The ePod utilises pre-filled nic salt pods which are available to purchase in 6 flavours to suit personal preference. Nicotine salts provide a vaping experience which closely mimics smoking. This is because nic salts simulate the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf, providing a more controlled nicotine delivery without the need to vape as often. The ePod offers a smooth vape as a result of this, allowing a high strength to be used without causing irritation.

Using the ePod is easy, simply insert a pre-filled pod into the device and take an inhalation to create vapour. The ePod has a magnetic connection which makes replacing the pods easy and efficient, even whilst on the go.

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Vype ePod Starter Kit – £9.99 At TECC
Vype ePod Starter Kit – £9.99 At TECC
£9.99 £19.99

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