Vzone Preco One Kit Review

The kit with the disposable tank.  Is the Preco one worth keeping or is it a throwaway idea that leads to nowhere?

Vzone are probably not as well known as they should be in all fairness.  This year they released the E-Mask mod that rivalled even the likes of the drag but seemingly no-one heard of it enough for it to really make its mark on the market.  The Preco is a completely different direction they have gone in with a rather unique idea of a disposable tank as opposed to replaceable coils.  The idea behind them is interesting but do they really deliver and more importantly, can such a different idea really stand out from other excellent tanks on the market?  Before we get into all of that, let’s go through the details.

What’s in the box?

  • Preco Tank x1
  • Preco One Mod
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable


  • Size: 109x24mm (Including tank)
  • Battery: 1800mAh internal
  • 6 LED lights – light up the tank
  • Fire button activated
  • Various protections – Over fire, short circuit, low voltage, no load and overcharge

About the Preco One Kit

The Preco one is a tube style internal battery mod combined with the Preco one disposable tank.  The mod is a 1800 mAh internal battery device with built in protections as standard.  It comes in at around only 109mm tall for both tank and mod with a round style design and front fire button.  It comes with a USB charging port and a 510 threading on top.  The mod fires at around 60w in power with no power adjustment on the device itself.

The Preco tank is a 2mil capacity plastic tank with an internal 0.15 mesh coil.  It has a none replaceable drip tip on top, slightly smaller than an 810, with a rubber flap designed for top filling.  It has bottom adjustable airflow and LED lighting into the base that lights up when vaping or intermittent when on standby.

Colour Options

Preco One Pros

The first great thing I can say about this device is the size of it, especially for the performance it delivers.  It is tiny compared to the bigger sub ohm stick devices available and a really portable kit overall.  The device is quite light as well which is probably due to the smaller battery inside but designed as it is, it really is a nice idea.  The mod fires wonderfully if I am honest, no misfires and it delivers a very good balance of power before the battery gets too low and prevents you firing.  Another positive I can say about the mod is that the charging time is quite quick, only around 90 minutes to charge the battery back up which is really convenient for a portable device.  Battery life for this is also quite good despite the size, you can probably get around 3 hours constant vaping with it before the need to charge, with the less you use it the longer it lasts.  Chain vaping will also affect the battery life admittedly but with only an 1880 battery, it is not normally a good idea to ever chain vape with that limited power.

The Preco tank itself is again a very interesting thing in the fact it performs and vapes excellently for what it is.  The flavour is brilliant from it, a nice strong flavour from your liquid and the vapour production is excellent as well.  The juice consumption is brilliant for such a small capacity with the juice easily lasting many puffs before needing to refill, with plenty of more standard sub ohm tanks lasting half the time with similar capacities.  I really like the lights as well within the tank as it just adds something different to it.  The lights are nice and bright and personally I love them although they won’t be for everyone.  Another nice feature is the little owl on the tank, again superficial but I think its a nice little logo that V-Zone have included.

Preco One Cons

The first con is a double edged sword in hindsight and that will be the battery life and as such, the capacity of the tank.  With the battery being so small it kinda makes it a difficult balance between a cloud chucking tank and something that won’t really last all day for the output so a bigger capacity device in the future would be a very welcome addition to the idea.  The next con is the rubber flap that covers the filling hole of the tank.  It isn’t as tight as I would prefer it to be, with a general wiping of the tank in my experience leading to half of the liquid then coming out.  The tank itself does not leak at all from my experience and this was my own negligence but a firmer claps again would be a improvement on the fill design.  The next con for me is the colour of the Preco tank itself depending on which colour kit you choose.  I picked up the black design and the tank itself is kind of a grey/green colour.  This made it hard to see the fill level in my experience, leading to me currently having two liquids mixed together in the tank.  I think it may be a better idea for V-Zone to just have the white/clear Preco as standard as it then eliminates the issue altogether.  As it was a pro I will include it as a con, not everyone will like the LED lights from the tank and this may be an issue for some people who may not want a bright green/blue light shining from their tank.  Finally, only getting one tank in the pack is a con as realistically supplying two in there would prevent someone having to commit to buying more on their first experience with the kit.



The kit is actually a really good little sub ohm kit for on the go but the real selling point of this is going to be the disposable tank idea that V-Zone have come up with.  After using it for the past week or so, I can say that the tank, if made out of metal and glass, would be a great option to have in your collection.  For the power that it receives, the flavour and vapour are both excellent and really enjoyable from such a small little kit.  The fact they are disposable tanks may then be an issue for some people, but if priced correctly then there is no reason that they are no different to buying a pack of coils for an existing tank.  If you are looking for something small and portable but still want to enjoy a nice sub ohm vape then this, at the right price point, could well be an option for you.  I personally like the idea behind it and would love to see V-Zone expand further on the concept.  A bigger tank capacity and more powerful battery would make it a really good kit overall for most vapers where right now it is more aimed at partial sub ohmers who aren’t going to vape as much as they would with a regular set up.

The Preco One has a real opportunity to make its mark on the market with both the only disposable tank design out there but a great performing one as well.  V-Zone may not put their flag into the ground with this but with any luck, their name will be on the tongues of vapers everywhere with a hopefully cheap and effective new way of sub ohm vaping.

7.9 Total Score
The disposable tank that really delivers

The Vzone Preco one is a really clever idea that provides great sub ohm vaping on the go. No need to replace coils, simply replace the tank instead! It may not appeal to everyone but the Preco one at the right price could be a really god cheap option for vapers.

Vape flavour
Vapour production
Battery Life
Mod Performance
Overall Design
  • Vape Quality is excellent for the power
  • Battery can last a while when not used too much
  • Disposable tank can make vaping easier
  • Great airflow from the tank itself.
  • Small capacity
  • Small battery inside
  • LED lights are going to be subjective
  • Colour of darker tanks can be a visual issue
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