Wick Liquor Juggernaut FREE NIC ALL FLAVOURS 🔥🔥🔥

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Wick Liquor

Theres a reason why e-liquid manufactured by Wick Liquor have not only gained immense popularity over the past few years, but have been able to stand the test of time in a very popular market.

Their e-liquid blends consist of flavours of fruit, candy and desserts, meaning that regardless of the type of e-liquid you usually vape, there will be a juice that is perfect for you.

In addition to the 50ml and 100ml shortfill sizes that you may expect, we stock 150ml bottles. If you are not looking to stock up for a while, be sure to grab one of these!

The accessibility and versatility of this brand even further displayed by the varying VG/PG concentrations across their product lines. Some of Wick Liquor’s 50% VG blends such as their nic salts range are better suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers using pod systems, pens devices and starter kits. Contrastingly, their 80% VG blends, including their bestselling Boulevard, Boulevard Shattered and Contra product ranges (which we couldn’t recommend enough!), are better options for sub-ohm vapers.

With many exquisite flavours to try, we’re sure that this one is going to keep you busy blowing vapour for quite some time! Flavours like Deja Voodoo Juggernaut offer exotic, coconut husk tastes, Carnival Juggernaut brings you flavours of sugary doughnuts creamy cane sugar and the fruit-compote-tasting Contra brings together Italian pomegranates, citrus flavours and sugar cane to produce a fresh, zesty, all-day vape.

And don’t forget, as always, each 0mg, zero nicotine shortfill comes equipped with 2 nic shots, enabling you to top up your e-liquid to a nicotine strength that suits your vaping style.

Grab yours now!

Wick Liquor Juggernaut FREE NIC ALL FLAVOURS 🔥🔥🔥
Wick Liquor Juggernaut FREE NIC ALL FLAVOURS 🔥🔥🔥
£15.99 £24.99

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