Wonutz Juice Review

One of the biggest new liquid brands to hit the market recently, does Wonutz offer some high quality Waitrose doughnut or taste like the last doughnut on the shelf in Home Bargain? Find out now in the Wonutz Juice Review

Wonutz have had quite the impact over recent months, they do seem to be getting their name out there and getting a good response.  In fact after getting this range, I started noticing mentions on social media saying how much they liked it or where to buy it from so it certainly perked my interest.  The range is quite simple, a doughnut range with twists to provide something rather different to what is on the market already. They come in 25mil bottles, well decorated and nice and easy to fill with your nic shot. People may like them, however opinions are subjective so let’s jump straight into the review, starting with the one that stood out the most to me.

Strawberry Vanilla Glazed

The classic taste of strawberries and forest fruits, completed with a whipping of butter cream then deep fried and waffled. Finished off with a warm sugar glaze.

This is the one that I had to try first.  I am a big lover of strawberry liquids so the potential of a doughnut version got me quite excited to try it out.  The liquid itself tastes really nice, a strong strawberry flavour with slight creamy undertones and an exhale that certainly moves into the savoury baked doughnut flavour.  There is added sweetener in this flavour to really bump up the sweet taste which may not appeal to everyone but for me it made the flavour really enjoyable as I soon finished the bottle off!  In terms of experience with coils, despite the sweetener added, there was no real dip in performance over the 25 mils which is highly encouraging, in a dripper or RTA this would come to life even more I feel.  So a very nice sweet doughnut liquid and one that I would recommend to try, if you like sweet liquids that is.

Coffee Caramel Glazed

This unusual doughnut flavour melds the rich tones of coffee with caramel, vanilla and chocolate. Finished off with a warm sugar glaze.

Until recently I had not really tried any coffee flavours but seem to regularly pick them up now!  Straight away using this flavour I did pick up on something I had never experienced before, the coffee flavour.  It is a nice strong coffee but without the hazelnut taste to it, which was fantastic.  It does taste just like a dark coffee with the caramel and added sweetener making it more akin to a nice sweet cup of coffee.  The doughnut in this one is a little bit more subdued but there is a body of it on the exhale whilst the sweet coffee dominates the vape.  Another flavour I really enjoyed, not too overpowering on the taste buds and almost like vaping a cup of milky coffee in the morning.

Apple Strudel

Combining the sweet taste of baked apple, cinnamon and vanilla cream with a deep fried, waffled doughnut. Finished off with a warm sugar glaze.

This was a flavour that I was a little unsure about trying.  I am not a huge fan of cinnamon so I was hoping it stayed within the pastry side of apple and it certainly did that.  A nice apple flavour, slightly boosted by sweetener but not overloaded like the strawberry and beefed up on the exhale by the pastry style doughnut which made it very enjoyable.  On the whole I would say this flavour isn’t anything too spectacular by itself, perhaps a little added custard would have made it shine.  But a very nice apple flavour that again doesn’t over power the taste buds and nice and easy to vape.  Coil experience again with this was pretty good without any real drop in performance from it.

Cinnamon swirl Glazed.

Cinnamon Swirl Glazed e-liquid by Wonutz combines cinnamon butter cream with the taste of vanilla custard for this take on a deep fried, waffle doughnut recipe. Finished off with a warm sugar glaze.

Not being a fan of cinnamon flavours, this one was a little bit of a miss to me.  Essentially what you get here is a nice strong flavour of cinnamon mixed with the doughnut exhale and added sweetener for the glazed effect.  I wasn’t a big fan of this one, I found the cinnamon to be a little too strong for me and it took away from the baked profile in my experience.  However if you do like cinnamon flavours then this could well appeal to you.  It is strong tasting, the flavour is sweet but bold and if you enjoy cinnamon then I would imagine that the overall profile of this is going to be very positive.

Biscuit Custard Glaze

Wonutz starts with a biscuit base topped off with creamy vanilla custard in this take on the traditional deep fried doughnut flavour. Finished off with a warm sugar glaze.

This one for me was the most surprising experience, in a good way.  The other flavours did come across pretty much how I expected them to taste but this out completely changed my mind.  A biscuit and custard inhale with the doughnut bodied exhale, what I found with this flavour instead was that there was no sweetener at all in this.  The natural flavour of the biscuit and custard was all that was there which made it a very enjoyable vape.  For me the custard was the dominant flavour here with a pretty standard custard profile with a little added biscuit and slightly undertone of doughnut on the exhale.  However giving this flavour to try to my brother in law, his first reaction was that it tastes like digestive biscuits.  So this could well be the dark horse of the range, depending on your taste buds.  A very nice dessert flavour that is not sweetened and can provide a different profile to each vaper using it.


I really enjoyed this range by Wonutz and they do certainly offer a good mix of flavours to try out.  On the whole there is plenty of sweet liquids there and the doughnut body of each is enjoyable but where I would recommend them is on the flavours that took their profile with a pinch of salt and instead become something better.  The coffee Caramel and the Biscuit Custard really stood out for me and if you want to give them a try then I would really commend it.

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