ZOVOO DRAGBAR Disposable – £4.49 At TECC

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This device comes in bright and colourful designs, each to match the flavour inside. Choose from a variety of flavours from sweet and fruity tastes to a classic tobacco. The shape of the mouthpiece is perfect and makes vaping this kit comfortable. The coil inside gives a consistent taste from start to finish. No dry hits or burnt tastes. Less that 10cm tall it fits easily into a pocket for vaping on-the-move. It is also lightweight making it effortless to carry around.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

Made by VOOPOO, this kit offers the same great quality within a disposable e-cig. Both new and existing vapers should try this kit.

The setup makes it one of the easiest ways to vape. As a result, it is a simple to use alternative to smoking. Plus, it also comes in a range of flavours so anyone can find one for them. The nic salt e-liquid inside comes in a 20mg strength. This is strong enough to cater to even heavy smokers.

Also, the lack of spare coils and e-liquid adds to the convenience. This is why so many current vapers use this kit. Even though they use more advanced kits, this disposable is a great backup. Why worry about losing or damaging your favourite device when you can take out a disposable vape instead.

How To Use?

  • Peel off the wrapper and remove the rubber cork from the packaging to access the kit.
  • Take off the silicone cover on the base of the kit. This will release the airflow and allow the kit to be use.
  • Then inhale into the mouthpiece and the DRAGBAR will do the rest.
ZOVOO DRAGBAR Disposable – £4.49 At TECC
ZOVOO DRAGBAR Disposable – £4.49 At TECC
£4.49 £4.99

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